Aliens - Single

by $cience x Gamma Wave

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released May 31, 2012

instrumental by $cience
verse by Gamma Wave
artwork by David Moskos Art and Gamma Wave




Gamma Wave Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Aliens
Yo, I'll never drink again with aliens
I let some broad I came with park my spaceship
On a place where Martians make their honest wages
I awakened then to naked sin, in the chancellor's chamber
Gettin familiar with an agent named Danica Danger
That's when the doors flew open, I was panickin major
Of course, who strolled in but four armed guards
Well no, listen, they were four-armed guards
With two pieces in each forearm, god
I looked to Danica, she let that hammer bust
Like she fuckin with Stan Burrell, yo and your man squirreled
She nuts with them tools like George Washington Carver
Not long before I'd probably get starstruck
Well, nah, listen I would probably get star struck
A meteor was speedin for my immediate position
Greet the floor, I need to quit forgettin bout
How I just wanna quit, wanna quit drinkin with them aliens
Then my vision split, I can't remember shit, but Danica
Took advantage of my handle that I sample ample bud
From out in planet Canada, shouts to Stan and Angela
And shit, I hope that babe that parked my spaceship
Won't just start complainin when I walk away with
Confiscated contra, contemplatin, on to thinkin
Mars awaitin my next move
But here I was puttin Doom in the deck, boom
Some sketch dude from Neptune put bombs in my jet fuel