Kush Smoke & Combos

by $cience x Gamma Wave

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released August 2, 2012

instrumentals by $cience
verses by Gamma Wave
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Gamma Wave Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Flow
it was another day in covered haze
my baby doll was layin paper, raw across her upper leg
she rollin up the grape, i heard that, marvin's ears
she got her mother's face, i got the mornin's breath, i'm bored to death
like coffins when they don't connect and now i'm coughin plenty
hold my breath, my lung compartment's misty
ash and broccoli in me
it's just i'm always passin the cig like i got marlboro's with me
if i called the city, bet they'd all come with me
get super smashed if you brawlin with me, brother

i said yo, the kid's fancy, and i can tell when the chimps antsy
get rhymes ate for thinkin you prime, ape
(yo, somebody talkin) who, man? i'm neanderthal walkin
gamma's charged with them amps of course
we handle all conflict
chance at all that i plan for ya'll til samson bald?
nah, that hand is short in advanced reports
and sampled starved artists
with a faint snap, i could get my vandals all marchin
you could hand us all product but if it ain't grass
from the dampest raw garden then we can't resolve all this

we be on that kush smoke and combos
know that flavor hot when we cook, no cilantro
gamma, $cience
we be on that kush smoke and combos
know that flavor hot when we cook, no cilantro
get your chest hit from the look, throw the rondo
Track Name: THC
feelin so relaxed, ostertag
i'm jazzing on the dopest hash
smoke then pass, stockton to malone with that
i only have time for two things
that's my weed and my music
high at noon brings casualties
if b's in the booth with violent mood swings
has to be that lean kid, it's true
my style is new wave, happens at least still in tune
with blondies, cute frames
if i see that walkin, on the bed collide
she's like "i wish you wouldn't say that"
i leave her talking head beside
a pillow where my face at
personal, at the first of june
i had other rappers wishing for their may back
invisible to stained-ass gimmicks with them same trash writtens
for the love of rap, turn embers into gray ash
you're on the same path, listen
you just ain't that brilliant
you dim some like chang style chicken, uh
so who you taken this wind from?
our sail's out pimp and our ship's
up in the great cloud district, what
you ain't visit? i came in with that strange piff
in june-july, all our records flow, it is a scuba dive
for retinals if you should find gamma with that $cience
with a nestled cove of bramble just beside it where the crate sits
my main mission, create sickness and spray thickened
layers of paint dripping a shade different than base pigment
on the faces of the ancients who still claim its a privilege
to get buzz off a lame style mix, it's fucked
i trained pigeons to take sentences over great distances
lane switching between the plane's engines
holding insane visions, i was home and stoned
and so i told them to make mischief for phony, two-faced bitches
i'm wholly awake sifting through only the dank with
symptoms that closely relate to illnesses still too cold to be tamed
and my penmanship, sharp as a blade to mow through these ranks
of herbs with no complaints, startin today the story has changed
uh, what page is it?

keep it in the book sack
rollin up that loud pack
$cience/gamma wave track
twistin papes back to back
keep it in the book sack
rollin up that loud pack
$cience/gamma wave track

gamma/$cience destroyin cats
i know y'all are annoyed with that