The Bookhouse Boy

by Gamma Wave

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recorded in Andrew's apartment
KnifeWork recordings


this is a lesson, so hear me out
i can't stress it enough, i'm what it's really 'bout
and if there was any doubt that gamma's runnin this shit
well then gamma's comin in with somethin of interest for these fuckin hyporcrites
you ain't even up to my vision, what's up, if you didn't
catch my grammar, my name is gamma, i went ham on this beat
like a crowded thanksgiving plate, you hand one to me
i'll violently break everything in this place, be silent for weeks
by the time i slam my napkin down, i'd like to say
that your girlfriend's favorite lap's in town, a whirlwind
i sat her down, the storm hit, we splashed around like porpoises
black and milds like i like my damn good cup of coffee
canned goods, nuh uh, start me up that cherry pie that nearly every guy
longs for with a teary eye, gone sorta, very high
beyond more than carried by spirits of a long dormant scary tribe of all sorts of mischief
there were condors circlin lawns for the pickins when my forearm started twitchin
i admit i could have reacted more calm than i did when the law
approached me and laid their paws on me wishin i'd just snore
but shit of course, i launched for and missed my mark
pray forgiveness to the small grape that's hidden in my wallet
shake it off, scrape my denims, takin off with a lazy walk
too faded to think about how these rappers baby soft
the moon must be way at large
cause gamma's wave is wavy, lord


released June 27, 2012
instrumental, lyrics and recording by Gamma Wave
contains excerpts from "The Bookhouse Boys (Instrumental)" by Angelo Badalamenti from the Twin Peaks Soundtrack




Gamma Wave Austin, Texas

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