Foot Clan - Single

by $cience x Gamma Wave

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written and recorded on June 8, 2012


released June 13, 2012

instrumental by $cience
verse by Gamma Wave
recorded by $cience and Gamma Wave
contains excerpts from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
a KnifeWork recording




Gamma Wave Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Foot Clan
whoever told you that gamma/$cience just can't be quiet
was wholly accurate, i'm holdin back a bit
this only happens when i'm gaspin from the smoke i catch from hits
after all, we wrote this after kickin to that stoned immaculate
and we blaze with raws, yeah we chasin all them papers dog
i woulda wrote this verse a lot sooner had
i not smoked the smoke that we choose to pass
juicy fat scooby snacks while i'm writin, but i ain't truly mad
got these looney cats sylvesterin, turn to watch n learners
$cience with the lighter, yeah you know we know we got the burner
and we collectin bills from qps, live well, some new green
i'm too ill, should be gettin help from two sweet
nurses named lucy, purposely in the sky like diamonds i'm just stylin, wilin in the sky islands, yo i'm surfin that new link
who's twistin the purp? donatello knots, we cougin hella lots
try to get graphic and get a new print on your shirt
throw the hook then press my shoes into your shirt like the foot clan
$cience shit magic, yo timeless shit, it's classic